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Mesh Laundry Bags

Heavy duty - industrial strength mesh laundry bags allow laundry to be washed without removing articles from bag. Choose standard options or configure your bag by selecting the size, color, fabric grade (mesh quality), style, closure type, and more. Select commercial grade for use within commercial laundry and similar facilities (these bags are also known as laundry nets or simply laundry mesh), heavy duty (for light industrial & home use), and extra strength (for heavy institutional use).

Our bags are used in a variety of industries such as aquaculture, jail and prison systems, washing vegetables (produce bags), hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, and universities, summer camps, and more.

Our mesh laundry bags are made in the USA (unless noted differently), stitched with 3 thread Merrow sergers (or equivalent) and designed to withstand the most demanding use. Our laundry bags are excellent quality and a tremendous value!.

Standard colors include white, black, red, green, blue, orange, and yellow (other colors available upon request). Available customization include Open Top, ID tags, rubber closures, zippers, laundry pins, silk screening, and more.

Low minimum purchase requirements.

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  1. Large Hole (Commercial Grade) Mesh Bag with cord and closure

    Our standard commercial mesh laundry bag is constructed with industrial grade polyester mesh, has a high melting point of 480*F, and includes a heavy grade drawstring with a locking closure. 

    Select size, color, closure, fabric type, and more. 

    Our bags are made in the USA. We specialize in short run custom orders.

    Learn More
  2. Imported white mesh bag

    Medium duty, 24" x 36" white polyester mesh bag with cord, closure and fabric ID tag. This low cost / medium duty polyester mesh laundry bag is surge stitched and designed for light industrial applications and home use. These bags work well in home laundry as well as in industrial environments such as aquaculture, prison commissaries, athletic clubs and more. These bags are an excellent quality and a tremendous value! (Quantity discounts available). There is a 12 bag minimum purchase required.. Learn More
  3. example of printing directly on mesh bag

    Printed mesh bag. Price includes one color print and direct printing onto separately purchased mesh bag. Learn More
  4. One color printed mesh bag (4 color photographic printing available)

    Marketing panel on mesh bag. Price includes print and marketing panel sewn onto separately purchased mesh bag. Learn More
  5. Catfish hatchery bag used in ovulation tanks

    Custom Mesh Bags - designed for industry. Select bag style for pricing or call us to discuss your requirements. We can design a bag that meets your specific needs at an affordable price point. We will provide a prototype for approval prior to shipment. For an example, watch the Vimeo video below to see how one of our customers uses our mesh bags in their catfish hatchery process. Learn More

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